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Our strains have gone through a vertical and stringent selection process, offering an unforgettable flower that looks great, smells wonderful, grinds up perfectly, and smokes smooth.  


It is an unwinding, relaxing outlet for millions of people within the Cannabis community.


CBD and Hemp extracts do not cure nor treat any illnesses/diseases,  CBD (Cannabidiol) is the second most prevalent active ingredient in the Cannabis plant.  It is an option that may allow individuals to escape and get lost in the crop.  Another great thing about smoking hemp flower is that it helps creates a balancing, relaxing, leveling, and soothing sensation in the body.  Talk about the best feeling in the world, right?  


Let us provide you with the best smoke.  Offering different strains enabling interaction with our products and ultimately finding the best fit for you!


We at CannaMAZE, are driven to provide and accomodate to your smoking needs whether you have time to kick back and endulge in the art of rolling up our CBD Hemp flower or simply on the go and rather pop the top, and light up our 100% hand rolled selection of pre-rolls.


We offer nation-wide shipping through the USPS.  With every shipment you will receive your hemp derived provide including a copy of the COA (Certificate of Analysis) verifying compliance.


Additionally all of our products are packaged in child resistant, tamper evident, air tight containers, labeled with product detail, potency levels, and a scannable QR code that will immediately, with a quick tap, pop up your compliant lab results right on your smart phone!


By visiting, shopping, or purchasing our CannaMAZE products, you agree that you are 21 years of age or older.


We ensure that all of our CBD Hemp products are tested and verified by a certified independent testing laboratory stating that our products are in compliance being under 0.3% Delta-9-THC.  Each strain has its own COA (Certificate of Analysis) and the direct link can be found in the product description.