With the continuous growth in the CBD market, it has allowed many companies and smoke shops to carry CBD products in their store.  Keep in mind, opening a CBD/Hemp company is challenging and simply cannot be established over night.  There are many marketing specifications and legal requirements to be aware of when opening up shop or simply bringing on CBD products into your store.  Yes it is challenging but it can be done!  If you are ready to be apart of the new booming CBD Hemp industry, look no further.  We at CannaMAZE have gone through all obstacles to establish a presence in the CBD Hemp industry/community.  Wholesale Inquiries are open to shops (check your state/local laws and requirements/permits) and offer guidance to other business owners on how to begin.  Get in touch with our wholesale department by submitting a whole sale inquiry. 

Please note - if you are operating in Florida you must submit your Florida Tax ID.


If you are not a shop and do not own a business and are an individual whole loves our product and wants to sell it, please visit our SOCIAL AFFILIATE PROGRAM page to sign up.  Our social affiliate program is designed for social influencers and bloggers to sell to their audience and make 10-20% per sale. 



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